DV Defense – Snohomish County

Ashbach Law Offices, LLC recently has continued its string of successful results for clients are part of it’s DV Defense practice, headquartered in Snohomish County, Washington.

Recent results include the following:

Assault 4 DV dismissed out of Everett Municipal Court – This case was dismissed 3 months after our client was arraigned in-custody and a no-contact order was entered by the judge. Two days after arraignment, our office was hired. Shortly thereafter, our office was able to get the no-contact order terminated (over the prosecutor’s objection) and our client and significant other were able to reconcile. Through case investigation, witness interviews, legal research and a reputation for jury trial successes with DV defense, we were able to get our client’s case completely dropped. Our client’s record remains clean and our client lost no constitutional rights.

In a recent similar case for DV Defense out of Everett Municipal Court, we were able to do substantially the same thing for another client – have the no-contact order terminated quickly and then late obtain dismissal of the assault allegation.

Assault 4 DV dismissed out of Marysville Municipal Court – our client was charged with DV assault by Marysville Police, and then subsequently charged with a no-contact order violation of out Skagit County. Our office was then hired to clean up the mess. As a result of our involvement and willingness to push cases to trial as part of our DV Defense strategy, our client received no convictions and retains a clean criminal history.

Violation of a no-contact order out of Snohomish County – Our client was charged with violating a no-contact order that was entered as a result of a DV conviction (we did not represent the client on that case). This new allegation also resulted in a probation violation for the client’s earlier case. Our office worked on this case for four months before it was dismissed. This dismissal resulted in no sanction for the probation violation.

Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree – DV out of Lynnwood, Washington – Our client was charged with a domestic violence allegation for breaking spousal property. Prior to our involvement, our client had given a full confession to police. After five months of our office’s involvement, our client’s case was completely dismissed.

Ashbach Law Offices, LLC has established a reputation for aggressive representation of clients accused of domestic violence offenses. We are recognized by colleagues as leaders in DV defense, and fight hard for all our clients to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

If you, or someone you care about, is in need of aggressive and effective DV defense, let us explain the possibilities and options. Please call our office at 360.659.4950, text at 360.474.7872, email at brian@ashbachlawoffices.com, or use the form found on our website to learn more about what we do and how we can help. Consultations are free, and of course confidential.

Felony Assault Defense – Recent Result

Recently, Ashbach Law Offices, LLC very successfully resolved a case in which our client was charged with Felony Assault, which was Assault in the 2nd degree with a firearm. Our client was accused of drawing and pointing a pistol at another person during a verbal argument that then turned physical.  This client was arrested for the felony assault, and booked into Snohomish County Jail, at which point our office was hired and our client was released from jail.

Representation for this client took over fifteen months, and involved witness interviews, case and site investigation, legal research and a demonstrated willingness to take the case to jury trial to protect our client’s rights and freedom.

Ultimately, this felony assault case was resolved via substantial reduction to two misdemeanors, which resulted in minimal fines, no jail, and no loss of firearm or voting rights (as it was not a felony).

Throughout this process in Snohomish County Superior Court, we aggressively defended the case and kept our client fully informed of each step and milestone.  At the conclusion of our case, our client expressed extreme appreciation at the outcome, and we were happy to have successfully navigated another client through a stressful, difficult experience and ultimately achieve a great result.

If you, or someone you care about, has been charged with a felony assault, or any similar crime, please contact our law office to learn how we can help. Please use the contact form on this webpage, or feel free to call (or text) 360.474.7872 for a free, no-pressure consultation.

Aggressive representation and investigation made this case result possible. Let us help you.

Our office represents clients throughout the I-5 Corridor, from south King County to Snohomish County, Skagit County, Island County and Whatcom County. On certain occasions we will travel to Eastern Washington or to the San Juan Island and other western counties.

No Contact Order Defense

Recently, Ashbach Law Offices, LLC obtained a dismissal for a client charged with violating a domestic violence no contact order in Snohomish County, Washington. The No Contact Order (NCO) was entered due to a conviction on an earlier case (we were not the law firm on that case), and the protected party was very much not in favor of this case being dismissed.

However, our office worked on this No Contact Order case for about six months, eventually resulting in dismissal. Our client was also facing a probation violation from the earlier conviction (again, not our case) based on this new alleged violation of the No Contact Order; fortunately for our client, this great result on our case will significantly improve his probationary status.

Our office is based in Snohomish County, Washington, with offices in Marysville and Mill Creek. However, we frequently travel far and wide for clients who are seeking aggressive, high-quality defense for their allegations.

We routinely represent clients charged with allegations throughout the Washington I-5 corridor, covering Skagit, Snohomish, King and Whatcom Counties. Regular courts of practice include, but are not limited to, Anacortes, Arlington, Bellevue, Bellingham, Blaine, Burlington, Edmonds, Everett, Issaquah, Lynnwood, Marysville and cities in between.