Anyone Can Be Charged With Assault and Domestic Violence

One of the most common types of cases webuy college research papers handle at Ashbach Law Offices involves people accused of assault and domestic violence. It is often said that anyone can be arrested for Driving Under the Influence. The same is true for allegations of assault and domestic violence.

People accused of assault and domestic violence are young, middle-aged, old, male, female, working class, professional, married, single, simply roommates, etc. Sometimes these charges develop because someone has lost his or her temper. However, often our clients are falsely accused based on misunderstandings. Due to the potential consequences of an accusation, you need an aggressive assault lawyer with a proven track record of excellent results.

Charges and Arrests Often the Result of Misunderstandings – Let an Aggressive Assault Lawyer Clarify the Situation

When the police are called due to an assault or domestic violence complaint, they have no way to judge what happened other than by listening to the two sides’ stories, as well as accounts by any witnesses who may have been present. Arrests often occur based on what the police officers believe to be true. In fact, for domestic violence allegations, often police are required to make an arrest based on incomplete information. An experienced, aggressive assault lawyer can help bring this information to light as part of building a strong, winning defense.
Based on many years of experience, at Ashbach Law Offices, our attorneys know that many of these incidents are the result of misunderstandings. We also know that false accusations are common, and that the wrong person is sometimes arrested. Sometimes, police are called simply to “calm things down,” not knowing that an arrest is likely to result. This is often the case from people who are from out of state, or out of the area. An alleged victim may make accusations in the heat of the moment but ultimately not want their family member or significant other to get into trouble. However, “dropping the charges” is not as easy as it often appears on television or even in other states.

Potential Consequences

Typically, when the police are called on an assault allegation, the accused person is almost always arrested. In addition to this immediate consequence, an assault charge can lead to significant penalties such as fines, a jail sentence, probation and restraining orders. And, the permanent mark on your criminal record for a violent crime can follow you for the rest of your life.
A misdemeanor or felony conviction will likely impact your ability to obtain employment, housing, loans, child custody or school admission, and may affect other important areas of your life.

Proceed Wisely – Choose a Proven and Aggressive Assault Lawyer

Our job is to fight for every client. While you are probably nervous and scared about what the future holds, we are here to help you. If you were arrested and have been released from jail, the worst may already be over. When a family member or loved one is taken into custody it is a scary and stressful moment for the individual being arrested as well as those on the outside trying to figure out what to do and how to help. Choosing an experienced, proven aggressive assault lawyer is the right first step in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

When facing any type of criminal charge involving alleged violence such as assault, aggravated assault or domestic violence, it is important to hire an experienced, aggressive assault lawyer. At Ashbach Law Offices, LLC, we stand up for our clients’ rights and aggressively work to have their charges dismissed or significantly reduced.

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