Ashbach Defense is proud of our work, below are our testimonials from our websites and other various 3rd party websites.

“Mr. Ashbach is a true professional and was very confident in winning my case. I’m very thankful for his help and legal advice, I’d recommend him to anyone.”

“I highly recommend this attorney because he is well versed in the law, well respected by his peers including the deputy prosecutors and judge. During my trial he was adept at pointing out the flaws in the case against me and presented a convincing closing argument, even though the prosecution was given the opportunity at rebutting his closing argument.
The jury voted not guilty after deliberating for about 25 minutes. He is well worth it and be patient, the wheels of justice turn slowly at times.”

“I have used the services of both attorneys at the firm. The honestly, professionalism, and knowledge is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend them for any legal representation one may need.”

“Brian and Bud are amazing. Very kind and caring. Worked hard and pushed hard for me. My case was not what they usually work on currently but they took my case anyway and got me what I deserved. I highly recommend Ashbach Law offices. They will work hard for you.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You dealt with my difficult situation and put me at ease.
There was constant follow up and great communication
I would recommend him to anyone I know!”

repeat client I highly recommend

Brian has handled two of my cases both ended with a non conviction for dv and one was a felony. I highly recommend him he is honest and will work hard for your situation. I have had nothing but a good experience and he is very affordable compared to the other lawyers I called.

anti-harassment order- dismissed

Brian Ashbach was there for us short notice! Responded to all of our questions and concerns very quickly and to the point. I’ve never had to hire an attorney before, but he is definitely one I would hire again! Our case was dismissed painlessly. Highly recommend him!

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Mr. Brian Ashbach took on my case with very short notice before the first court date that required his presence. He was VERY flexible with my difficult schedule, my financial situation, and the EXTREMELY frustrating events that took place on the prosecution’s side of things. He made me fully aware of the possibilities in the event that he may not be successful in winning my case for me. However, in the end, we came out on top leaving me as a VERY satisfied client that will surely hire him again if I end up in another situation that requires me to enlist any legal assistance. Thank you Brian, you have really outdone yourself with this one, and I honestly couldn’t be any happier about the outcome than I am. Cheers, good sir!

Brian was very professional and transparent in my experience. He made me fully aware of all possible outcomes for my citation and I was very happy with the end result. I did not expect to simply hire a layer to get my ticket dismissed, I would assume that is a rare possibility at best. I would certainly recommend Brian’s services.

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believe it or not, I volunteered to do this review. Brian and his dad were an aggressive tag-team in handling my DUI. Their research, expertise and hard work helped me get out of a really crappy situation. use them!!

My case didn’t drag on and on, got over with quickly and good. Mr. Ashback was aggressive, and got me what I wanted. I would use him again and have referred people to him wiht the same results.

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Brian is very professional, honest, and friendly. He was able to help me get my charges so that I could serve them on EHD and be at home with my new daughter. He has been extremely helpful and always informative. Both Brian and Bud were willing to go lengths to work my cases. Thanks!!!

Brian got my case dismissed for a lot cheaper than the fines would have been. He answered all my questions right away and is very easy to talk to. After I paid him and took a class I didn’t have to lift a finger. Would strongly recommend Brian Ashbach.

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