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Washington State allows persons who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor to vacate (commonly known as expunge) that misdemeanor. To vacate a crime, a person must meet certain eligibility requirements:

• You have no pending criminal charges or new convictions.
• Your offense was not violent as defined by RCW
9.94A.030, or an attempt at such an offense.
• The offense did not involve driving while intoxicated
or a related offense.
• The offense was not a sex offense.
• You have satisfied all conditions of your sentence.
• You have not had another conviction vacated.
• You have not been the subject of a protection, nocontact
or restraining order within the last five years.

Vacating a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor requires legal research, drafting and filing pleadings and motions, and oftentimes oral argument in court.

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