Assault 4 DV – Dismissals and Reductions

Below are some recent sample results we have obtained for our clients in Snohomish and Skagit County for clients accused of Assault 4 DV. To learn more about our DV practice, please visit our Assault and Domestic Violence page.

As you will read below, our experience in investigating, researching, negotiating and winning DV cases at trial allows us to get better, more successful results.

Assault 4 DV – dismissed – Marysville Municipal Court. Our client was charged with assaulting his live-in, adult sibling in Marysville Municipal Court. When police arrived, our client gave a full written and oral confession to the domestic violence assault allegation.  Our client was taken to jail and held in custody. A No Contact Order was imposed. Our office was able to quickly have that NCO terminated, and ultimately the case was dismissed less than four months later. Our client’s record remains clean, with no convictions.

Assault 4 DV – dismissed – Evergreen District Court. Our client was charged with assaulting his significant other. Our office was not the first law office to represent this client on this allegation. However, our office did the correct legal research and investigation.  That, combined with our reputation for being skilled trial attorneys, resulted in the case being fully dismissed within two and a half months.

Assault 4 DV – reduced and set for dismissal – Mount Vernon. Police responded to a 911 call for a domestic violence dispute with several witnesses. Police contact our client, who gave a confession to having punched her relative, leaving a significant black eye. Other witnesses reported seeing the event. Ultimately, through negotiations and case investigation, we were able to have the case reduced, and be set for dismissal.

Assault 4 DV – dismissed – Edmonds Municipal Court. Our client hired us before the case was officially charged, so we were able to get a heads up on case investigation and be prepared for the initial court dates. Ultimately, the head start was very fruitful, as we were able to present evidence that allowed the case to be dismissed (and the no-contact order terminated) in very short order.

Assault 4 DV – Dismissed (multiple counts) – Snohomish County. Our adult client was facing three counts of domestic violence, one for each family member living in the house. Ultimately, through speaking with witness, alleged victims, and other interested parties, we were able to have all no-contact orders dropped, all cases dismissed, and allow our client to retain her career in the tech industry.