Assault 4 DV Dismissed – Fall 2019 Results

Ashbach Law Offices, LLC focuses a large portion of its practice representing individuals accused of domestic violence offenses. A DV conviction can have significant, long-term impacts on many people, not just the person accused. Having an Assault 4 DV dismissed can prevent many of these problems.

Such impacts can include loss of employment/income, inability to maintain or obtain housing, travel restrictions, No Contact Orders preventing loved ones from seeing each other, and other undesirable outcomes. These cases must be aggressively defended to achieve the best result possible.

At Ashbach Law Offices, LLC, our goal is to reunite families, save careers, and keep our clients out of custody through resolutions like dismissals, reductions and “not guilty” verdicts. Additionally, we try to ensure our clients move forward in life, and not face similar situations in the future.

Sample recent results from Fall 2019 include:

Assault 4 DV dismissed – Client able to maintain security clearance/employment. No Contact Order (NCO) terminated. Marysville, Washington

Assault 4 DV dismissed – Saving client’s position in military. Relationship with significant other resumed. NCO terminated. Marysville, Washington.

Assault 4 DV dismissed – Client’s job at major university maintained. Our involvement early on prevented NCO from ever being entered. Edmonds, Washington.

Assault 4 DV dismissed – NCO terminated. Family reunited. Lake Stevens, Washington.

Assault 4 DV dismissed – All family members reunited. Okanogan, Washington

Assault 4 DV reduced to non-dv disorderly conduct – NCO terminated, client and significant other moved back into family home. Employment reinstated. Sedro-Woolley, Washington

Harassment DV dismissed – NCO terminated. Client’s record remains clean. Everett, Washington.

Assault 4 DV and Interfering with Reporting DV dismissed – NCO terminated. Family reunited. Arlington, Washington.

Let us Help

The above are just a sample of recent great results for clients. In many of the jurisdictions above, we have achieved the listed result for multiple clients.  If you, or a loved one, is facing a DV case, please contact our office today at 360.659.4950 or via the “Contact Us” page of this website. Consultations and inquiries are confidential.

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